My dad has been in the care of Willy Martezian for several years now, he came highly recommended by my own personal doctor. He is very thorough and keeps you well informed. He and his staff are very professional. I would recommend them to any one in need of quality care.

Thanks Jim Hart

Willy has been Mom’s medical professional since she moved to assisted living in December 2017.  As Mom’s needs have changed, Willy has helped me and my Mom with those challenges.  I have met with Willy, telephoned his office and also used the patient portal on the EMR to ask questions and receive reports.  Communication and information are priorities for me.  Willy’s responses have always been timely and thorough.

Kathy Klein

My mother and I have known Willy for about a year. He followed my Mom and her health care needs while  she lived in a memory care unit. When I decided to bring my Mom home with me to live out the balance of her life, I asked Willy if he could continue seeing her in my home? Much to my pleasure and my Mom’s, he said he would. The line of communication and his assessments managing my Mom medically has proven to be the best I could ever expect. He works with us as a team. Willy’s professionalism and compassion compliments our goal to be at home during this time in my Mom’s life. I would recommend Willy to anyone looking for medical guidance and management of their elderly loved one.

Lindsay Baker

My Mom lives in an assisted living facility in Florida and I live in New York.  As a long distance caregiver, it is essential to Mom’s well-being that I find a medical professional who is caring, trustworthy and experienced in geriatric needs.  Willy possesses those qualities, and more.  For example:   Willy has been caring for my Mom since 2015, visiting her twice weekly as her NP.  At that time, she was residing in a facility that was sold shortly thereafter, and the quality of care went down dramatically.  It was Willy, during his visits, who recognized that her care was suffering and needed to find another place to live to meet her needs.  He reached out to me and provided valuable insight into securing a place where Mom could thrive, while having her many medical needs met.  If it weren’t for Willy’s commitment to quality care for his patients, Mom likely would not be with us today.  He recognizes that geriatric patients, like my Mom, who have many medical needs, far better when they can keep as much independence as possible.  Willy’s care provides Mom with a better quality of life during the most challenging part of her senior years.  Willy is the best mix of compassion, empathy, medical knowledge, resourcefulness and high standard of care.  I feel blessed to have him care for my Mom

Joan Leykum

I have worked with Willy for 5 years. He has always available for his patients. He comes weekly to Lake Forest Park. Other NP’s only comes once a month or every 3 months. I highly recommend him. He is always available by phone and answer calls right away. He is a pleasure to work with.

Virginia Caplis, DON- Lafe Forest Park, ALF

Willy is a steadfast advocate for every one of his patients by ensuring he is constantly accessible to both his clients and the care providers he collaborates with. He accepts nothing less then the best, including answering phone calls whenever we need him , and setting up services for a new patient within hours over the weekend. Willy is the professional, experienced and compassionate ARNP we have ever worked with!

Margot Kornicks, Owner- Indian River Home Care