Concierge Urgent Care

What is Concierge Urgent Medical Services

Concierge urgent medical services represent crucial medical interventions directed at managing acute illnesses and acute medical issues. While these conditions may not pose an immediate threat to life, they require prompt professional attention to forestall potential escalation, thereby averting further disability and potential hospital admissions. At Quality Care Medicine, our primary objective is to minimize unnecessary hospitalizations and emergency room visits. Therefore, we encourage individuals to reach out to us for any urgent care concerns, irrespective of their insurance coverage. We stand ready to assist individuals aged 18 and older throughout the Indian River County.

Why subject yourself to the discomfort of crowded waiting rooms when feeling under the weather, when you can instead receive personalized medical attention in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Our concierge medical services offer direct, one-on-one care, usually same day/next day visits. Say goodbye to the inconvenience and embrace healthcare tailored to your needs, conveniently delivered to your doorstep.

Call now to schedule your appointment: 772-579-8690.

Fee: 1st Initial visit up to 60 min— $160.00

Fee: Follow up visits up to 30 min — $100.00

Payment options:

Check or Cash